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Learning Objectives


After the course, the participant should be able to:

• transform ideas into a commercially viable story


• write a script for feature film/drama series on demand


• write a pilot section and create a pitch bible for a drama series


• master classical script structure, theme, character development, conflicts, etc.


• shape an outline from an idea


• analyze own and others' script


• sell an idea concept by use of pitch, loglines and one-pagers.


• combine different genres


• master the rewrite process: to receive and draw constructive learning from feedback


• adapt to the film industry's structure and it´s specific expectations and demands on various professions

Story MasterClass

A one-year, full-time distance course in scriptwriting for commercial feature films & drama series.

Story MasterClass is an exclusive one-year, full-time distance course for you with proven knowledge and professional experience as a scriptwriter.

It provides unique opportunities, knowledge, inspiration, tools and techniques to sharpen your storytelling and advance your screenwriting career, with lectures and personal tutoring from some of the foremost and most renowned teachers in the American film industry (Hollywood).


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The course encompasses:

•  Lectures and personal tutoring by acclaimed Hollywood teachers

•  In-depth studies of concept and character development

•  Tools and techniques that enhance the narrative and boost your efficiency

•  Building your platform as a professional screenwriter

•  Promote and pitch your script and ideas using professional sales argumentation

•  Three multi-day meetings – where course management, students and teachers convene for workshops and seminars

Story MasterClass is held entirely in English. The course utilizes digital communication platforms such as Zoom, Dropbox, Slack and Skype.

Central Content

Concept Development

•  Build powerful stories using Hollywood dramas.


•  Build a powerful story with writing techniques developed by Hollywood's top dramatists and taught at world leading film schools USC and UCLA.

• Create themes, living characters and dramaturgical structures that can affect a universal audience.


•  Create memorable, visually strong and dramatic scenes.

•  Write to reach the one to judge your script.

• Practical techniques for building the various parts of your story.

Promotion and Pitch

•  Presentation and argumentation techniques developed by professionals.

•  Feedback from fellow course participants and active professional film producers

•  How to build your platform as a professional screenwriter

•  Practice and perfect your professional pitch



The applicant has professional experience with script and drama, has written short script, script for feature film or drama series, and is prepared to take a decisive step towards a future as a professional scriptwriter.

3-year upper secondary school, senior high school or equivalent Work sample, personal letter & interview.

Group size

Study Allowance Level
Post-secondary level (B1)

City: Fårösund 

Time for the class: Aug 24, 2020 – June 3, 2021 

Application deadline: April 30, 2020 

Pacy of Study: 100 % 

Duration: 1 year 



ArvidUnsgaardArvid Unsgaard, Course Coordinator

Phone: 070- 438 09 26
e-mail: Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.




Main Professional Instructors

Paul Gulino 2

Iris Yamashita

 Iris Yamashita 

William Rabkin  

kathiecolor headshot creator 

Paul Gulino

script instructor

Karel Segers

in Storytelling techniques

Iris Yamashita

Lecturer and
instructor for features

William Rabkin

in TV-Writing

Kathie Fong Yoneda

in Pitching and selling




Application Requirements


How to apply


Your application must be submitted before April 30th.


Application is done through the digital portal ”Schoolsoft”. Link below.


You are eligible to apply if you meet the following requirements:

• You have professional experience in screenwriting and dramaturgy. 

• Have written scripts for short, feature films and/or drama series.


These documents should be submitted to the application

Birth certificate 
(no more than 3 months old)


Grades from previous educations. 
Attach as a PDF.


Emplyer’s certificate
Attach as a PDF.


Letter(s) of recommendation.
Attach as a PDF.


Personal letter
A letter in which you describe yourself. You are free to express yourself in what way you want but the letter has to contain:


  1. Who you are and why you make an application to the education.
  2. Your experiences when it comes to writing screenplays
  3. A preview on where you see your self career wise in 5 years from now. 


The personal letter should be no more than one page long.


Work samples

All work samples are to be written in English.

• 2 feature film concepts, each not more than one page. Both concepts should have one scene, correctly formatted, attached that is not more than 2 pages,

• 2 drama-series concepts, each not more than one page. Both concepts should have one scene, correctly formatted, attached that is not more than 2 pages,


Compile all work samples in one single PDF document with numbered pages. 

Please write your full name on the front page of the document.


The application process

Application and work samples are examined by teachers and professional screenwriters from the international film industry.


Notice will be given during the period May-June.



How To register in Schoolsoft, manual in English